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SPA Vacation Packages

SPA Vacation Packages

Make your trip extra special with a Spa vacation package in Breckenridge:

Nothing is more refreshing than a relaxing spa vacation that includes a pampering spa experience provided by professionals. The Sculpting Spa vacation packages offers a myriad of activities for you to experience at your leisure depending upon the season, such as skiing,hiking,dining out, and partying the night away. Our Spa vacations offer a picturesque retreat at the Lodge at Breckenridge, where every guest is treated like royalty.

While Spa vacations vary per one’s budget, by choosing Breckenridge and The Sculpting Spa you will receive a luxurious Lodge and Spa services second to none. The Sculpting Spa Services include massages, facials, and our unique variety of sensational laser rejuvenation beauty treatments. Our personal touches giveo ur guests that unique and special experience of the mountains,while also allowing them to go home looking and feeling rested and refreshed.

A Spa vacation in Breckenridge, is an exceptional destination, one that makes you feel like heaven with its amazing vistas, lavish spa and rejuvenation services. The competing ambiances of quiet reflection and exciting outdoor sports is sure to give you vacation memories to last a lifetime. After a fun day on the slopes or the trails, we offer a place where guests enjoy complete peace of mind and relief of any body aches from the day’s activities. Our spa customers enjoy amenities including, laser rejuvenation treatments, massage, waxing, and more all with soothing music therapies that bring the soul in harmony. Other conveniences include an onsite Full Gym for the health enthusiasts who don’t want to miss a workout, and hot tubs on the deck, where one may destress from the day’s activities enjoying the ever-changing landscapes of the mountains. Choosing Breckenridge and The Sculpting Spa with our amazing spa vacation packages is sure to bring everyone home in a good mood with a deep feeling of revitalization.

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